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We have to be thorough when inspecting vehicles and we hate having to fail vehicles over minor items. Note: unlike others, we do not charge to come back out and re-inspect a vehicle we previously failed.

Here is a list of things to make sure you don’t get caught out.

1. Leaks. If you think or know you have a leak, we recommend cleaning (degreasing) top and bottom a few days before we come to inspect so we can pinpoint the leak – which may only be residue from a previously repaired leak or could save you time and money at a repairer. Remember: we don’t charge for a re-inspection (travel & time conditions apply).

2. Windscreen. No cracks or chips. If you have any, get them repaired before applying for a safety Certificate. Note: many insurers offer free windscreen replacement as part of their policies. Check yours to see if you qualify.

3. Wipers. Being able to see clearly is a very important factor we have to consider. Replace any cracked wiper blades and ensure they are in good working order.

4. Tyres. Using a tyre tread indicator (or a small ruler with mm increments), check how much rubber is left across the entire tread area. There should be AT LEAST 1.5mm all over for the vehicle to be road worthy.

Also inspect the sidewalls for any tears or bulges. If any are found, DO NOT drive the vehicle! Swap it immediately for the spare and get the damaged tyre replaced.

5. Seatbelts. Inspect every belt in the vehicle to ensure the pre-tensioners work when pulled at high speed and there are no frays or tears that may cause the belt to break in the event of an accident.

6. Suspension. This may not be easy to check on some vehicles, but worn out suspension components must be replaced to ensure the vehicle is safe.

7. Lights. These must ALL be in working order to get a safety certificate. The light and lens must not be cracked or faded. Don’t forget the indicators, brake, number plate and fog lights (if applicable).

8. Brakes. Worn out or faulty brakes are an instant failure. Ensure your handbrake also works in forward and reverse.

9. Hoses. An obviously damaged radiator hose (frayed, torn, cracked, etc.) will need to be replaced.

These simple things above could mean the difference between getting your vehicle registered/transferred today or next week…